3 Teams that could steal Atlanta Falcons top day two targets

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2. Kansas City Chiefs- Ladd McConkey

Looking at the Atlanta Falcons depth chart there is an argument to be made the team needs to draft a receiver in the first round. After signing Kirk Cousins your timetable for the offense is moved up. Darnell Mooney is a great addition but is far from a proven player. Drake London is the team's best option but they are one injury away from having Rondale Moore as their second receiver.

The team could still use depth at the position. However, the desperation at edge rusher is going to push this need to the second or third round at least. Ladd McConkey is such a perfect fit for this team and quarterback Kirk Cousins.

His ability to run the full route tree and create big plays is going to make him a borderline day-one pick. If there is one team that is going to ruin Atlanta's chances at landing him in the second round it is the Chiefs.

There isn't a player in this draft that feels like a Kansas City steal as much as McConkey does. Paired with Patrick Mahomes it would be a huge rookie season for one of the more underrated receivers in this draft.