3 Teams that could steal Atlanta Falcons top day two targets

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3. Arizona Cardinals- Tyler Guyton

Listing offensive players as Atlanta's preferred day-two targets is working under the assumption the first-round pick is going to be at edge. While there are still many depth concerns on defense they can be filled in free agency and the later rounds.

The Falcons need depth at quarterback, tackle, and receiver. The last two positions could serve contributing roles to a playoff run this year and for that reason expect the team to look at offense on day two.

Tyler Guyton is far from Joe Alt or the other top offensive prospects. However, he is a potential starter and upgrade for the Falcons. This team badly needs offensive line depth and putting Guyton into the lineup with established starters could have surprising results.

Give the Falcons credit in the fact they have built a roster that will allow a myriad of choices after selecting an edge rusher in round one. Terry Fontenot has built a roster that will allow the team to take the best player on the board and look to fill roster holes in free agency or developing current pieces. Even if their preferred targets are off the board Atlanta will have plenty of flexibility in round two.