3 Teams that could still give Matt Ryan a chance this season

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has stepped away from football for now joining the CBS booth while keeping the door open to a return to the league. While it is obvious that Ryan isn't going to start the season on a roster there should be a contending team that offers the veteran a role when injury strikes or their starter isn't playing up to expectations.

Looking around the league obvious potential fits still stand out for a player who deserves more credit for what he accomplished throughout his career. Last season with the Colts was ugly, however, the veteran wasn't protected well and clearly was forced to make plays that simply weren't there.

This is a season after the Falcons gave Ryan zero depth at receiver and continued to start a failing offensive line in front of him. Matt continued to stand in the pocket and continue to attempt to make plays despite what little the front office was able to put around the veteran.

While there is obvious aging from Ryan it is clear that in both his final season with the Falcons and last year with the Colts the quarterback didn't matter on teams that weren't built to contend. Ryan can still thrive in the right offense if a job were to come open at some point this season.