3 terrible decisions by Atlanta Falcons during the 2023 season

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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3. Saving Bijan Robinson for a playoff run that doesn't exist

Feed Bijan Robinson the football was the consistent message from Atlanta Falcons fans early on in the season. Arthur Smith decided to use the rookie very little unless it was for telegraphed screen plays or runs into the heart of the defense. Bijan Robinson was used far too little in this offense and his usage was frustrating when he was on the field.

It was as if Smith at some point decided to prove a point and simply handed the ball to Robinson over and over with simplistic runs the defense could see coming. Smith saved Robinson's legs for the second half of the season and a playoff run that never was going to happen.

Robinson deserved better as did Atlanta Falcons fan from their star rookie. You don't draft a running back inside the top ten to be the second or third weapon in your offense. This is especially the case when you have Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke as your starting quarterbacks. Smith poorly used Robinson and followed this up by running him with poor concepts against a defense that now knew what was coming. This will be the year that tells us just how poorly Smith managed a great talent in Robinson.