3 Things Atlanta Falcons fans learned about Mariota in Netflix docu-series

Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Quarterback"
Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Quarterback" / JC Olivera/GettyImages
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The Atlanta Falcons were one of three teams that were featured in the new Netflix docu-series covering the lives of three quarterbacks in the 2022 season. Kirk Cousins was seemingly made the main character in the show with a lot of attention and focus going on the veteran quarterback over the course of the first episodes.

Patrick Mahomes obviously was focused on as well with the attention on the quarterback growing as the playoffs grew closer. The Chiefs winning the Super Bowl was the perfect end from the perspective of the series allowing the docu-series to cover the entire NFL season.

Cousins deserves far more credit for the 2022 season now that we have more perspective on the numbers the veteran put up compared to the degree of difficulty. While it doesn't wipe away the mistake that ended his team's season it does go a long way in helping take some of the heat Cousins always seems to find.

For Patrick Mahomes it is really more of the same it offered us an inside look at the veteran's greatness and how much support the quarterback has around him.

For Marcus Mariota, however, it did provide several points of interest for Atlanta Falcons fans as the team turns the page with Desmond Ridder.