3 Things Atlanta Falcons fans learned about Mariota in Netflix docu-series

Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Quarterback"
Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Quarterback" / JC Olivera/GettyImages
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3. Marcus Mariota isn't an NFL starter

Okay so maybe we already knew this but to those that watched Atlanta's season and could attach the comments and moments to the correct games this point was hammered home. Mariota seems to be a great guy and leaves everything he has on the field. The problem is far too often everything he has is simply not enough with consistent mistakes and missed throws.

Since starting with the Titans it seemed that Mariota's ability as a passer has gone in the wrong direction. Barring an injury or a team willfully tanking this is the last we will see of Marcus Mariota as a starter in this league.

While the game is far more friendly to quarterbacks that can throw on the move this only works if you manage to get the ball to the right team. Mariota's ability as a passer is clearly regressed and the fact that Marcus landed a backup job so easily in Philly is somewhat surprising.

Mariota's time with Atlanta now has far more perspective from the quarterback's point of view but the conclusion remains the same. Marcus is clearly a draft miss and not a starting NFL quarterback at this point in his career.