3 Things Atlanta Falcons fans should expect under new OC Zac Robinson

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1. Atlanta Falcons receiver room will be overhauled

For the last two years, it was as if the Atlanta Falcons had Drake London and blockers who would occasionally catch the football. Whether it was the fault of Arthur Smith or Terry Fontenot is unclear but the receiver depth chart has been a complete mess since the duo took over three years ago.

With Raheem Morris and Zac Robinson now in charge of the offense, this is going to quickly change. The Falcons are likely going to have three receivers on the field consistently once again. This means that the depth will be more important and the room completely rebuilt. Don't be surprised if Drake London is the only player to return from last year's receiver group.

Expect additions to be made both in the draft and in free agency. Clearly, Robinson and Morris have watched the importance of the receiver position with the Rams' impressive duo. They will look to bring this same depth to the Falcons. The field will be spread far more often and London will be used in a new role with the team looking to add quickness to the outside and better depth for a position that will be consistently used for something other than blocking.