3 Things Atlanta Falcons fans should expect under new OC Zac Robinson

Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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2. The quarterback position won't be an afterthought

The Rams coaching staff knows what a huge difference the quarterback position can make. Yes, Matthew Stafford won his ring with a loaded team that pushed the chips to the center of the table to get there. Stafford since that time has continued to elevate everyone around him and show what can happen with a capable quarterback.

No one was picking the Rams to be a playoff team, much less a playoff team that looked as great as they did. There is a clear argument to be made they should have been played in the conference title game with missed calls and poor decision-making costing them the lead late.

Morris and Robinson have had a front-row seat to how drastically Stafford changed life for the Rams. They aren't going to be content with bringing back Desmond Ridder and rolling in a veteran to contend for the starting job. They are going to swing big at the position and try to find a long-term answer. Whether that is drafting their guy in the first round, trading for Justin Fields, or signing Kirk Cousins, the quarterback position is going to be a priority.