3 Things Atlanta Falcons fans should expect under new OC Zac Robinson

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3. The passing game will be far more relied on

Obviously, this goes hand in hand with adding a reliable quarterback and receivers. Robinson is going to call a balanced attack but not the run-focused game plan that Smith brought every week. Robinson will put the ball in the air when the situation demands it and utilize Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier properly.

Not running his back into a stacked defense that is daring you to throw the ball. Robinson understands the importance of the run but considering the system he comes from will be far more innovative.

Spreading the field out will help with this as well giving the Atlanta backs far more room to work with. Expect the workload for Allgeier to go down while Bijan is featured far more in the passing game. Desmond Ridder held this offense back a lot in 2023, however, it isn't completely on the quarterback. Poor playcalling and ball distribution from Arthur Smith limited weapons that will be used properly in the new Atlanta offense. Expect some early growing pains, however, the balance and how Robinson attacks the defense will make far more sense than what Falcons fans are used to watching.