3 Things Atlanta Falcons fans should expect with new tackling changes

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3. Expect to see a lot more big plays

This rule if nothing else is going to serve as a confusing factor in split second decisions. Whether it is ball carriers running through smaller defenders or defenders making a business decision expect to see even more offense in the 2024 season.

Playing defense is already so incredibly difficult and this is just another issue to factor in. It is one that could be ruled on in many different ways. What is going to be determined as a "hip-drop tackle" while the spirit of the rule is clear the execution is not.

What happens when a defender wraps someone up top and gets tangled up falling and pulling them down as they go? This is a play we see often and could be thought of as a "hip-drop tackle" though by accident.

This rule is going to result in hesitant or overmatched defenders and that is going to result in far more big plays as the defense adjusts. It seems the league continues to make it impossible for defenders to make consistent tackles.