3 Things Atlanta Falcons fans want to see in new Netflix docus-series

Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Mariota's perspective on Arthur Smith's offense

Arthur Smith's offense was as quarterback friendly as possible during the 2022 season. Smith completely focused on the run game and consistently ran the same short and routes when Mariota was starting. This appeared to be because of Mariota's issues reading the field and inability to make quick decisions.

It is far different from the pass plays that the team was able to run for veteran quarterback Matt Ryan or the throws they gave Desmond Ridder in his first start. It was clear from the way the offense was handled that this team never truly believed Mariota could run this offense at a high level.

This series could offer an inside look at Mariota's perspective on this Atlanta offense and the lack of consistent plays Mariota was able to make.

Smith's offense clearly changed the moment that Ridder was put into the lineup with the team attempting difficult passes they rarely trusted Mariota to make. The few times that Marcus did attempt these throws and connect it seemed simply due to a defense that was completely focused on the run game and underneath throws knowing what the Falcons quickly did Mariota isn't a consistently capable passer.