3 Things Desmond Ridder must do to save his Atlanta Falcons tenure

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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2. Ridder must show he can repeat his Houston performance

As the season wears on the Atlanta Falcons wins over the Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers continue to look better and better. Of note in those games, was Ridder's performance and the ability that he flashed. Before getting benched due to turnover issues, Desmond had a game against Houston that looked like he had turned the corner.

The quarterback threw for 329 yards, completing 75% of his throws, and adding in a rushing and passing touchdown. It was the first complete game of his career and to this point the only game in which Ridder appeared to be a starting quarterback past this season.

If Desmond wants a chance to hold onto the starting job, he must find a way to have 3-4 games on this production level. Playingying 3-4 complete games as he did against Houston would be enough to consider moving into next season with Desmond as the starter. While the team may still look at a Kirk Cousins or Justin Fields, Ridder would have done enough to put his name in consideration with only one move better for the quarterback.