3 things Desmond Ridder needs to improve on as the Falcons quarterback

Desmond Ridder has guided the Atlanta Falcons to a 2-0 record in 2023 but there are still some things he needs to improve on if he wants to take the next step
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2. Desmond Ridder needs to improve his pocket presence

Playing quarterback in the NFL is the hardest job in sports. It requires so much processing and mechanics. One thing that Desmond Ridder, at times, has struggled with is maneuvering the pocket—something all the great quarterbacks do at a high level.

I will say, he has steadily gotten better at this and I was very impressed with the strides he made from week one to two in this area, but the growth needs to continue.

This offensive line hasn't played well in pass protection, which makes this even more important. Drifting or exiting the pocket too fast is a big problem for a lot of quarterbacks and there have been times that it has been a problem with Ridder.

The other part of this is being able to see the rush without looking down. Just go watch Justin Fields and tell me these aren't some of the most important skills for a quarterback to have.