3 Things the Jeff Okudah trade tells us about the Atlanta Falcons draft plans

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3. The Atlanta Falcons are going to stick to their 'best player available' approach

The Atlanta Falcons' GM, from day one, has preached about wanting to stick to the 'best player available' strategy in the draft. They did so in year one with the selection of Kyle Pitts and in year two, you can argue that they did or didn't—Falcons have claimed that Drake London was number one on their draft board, but who knows for sure.

They entered this offseason with a lot of holes; defensive tackle, outside linebacker, linebacker, cornerback, wide receiver, etc. They have been able to fill a lot of those gaps and their trade for Jeff Okudah can definitely be included.

The more holes they fill, the more options they have come April 27th. It is a simple concept to understand. The front office has made it a priority to put themselves in a position to actually stick by their BPA strategy, and the Okuda trade has given us even more evidence of that.

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