3 Things Ridder must do to win the Atlanta Falcons starting job in 2024

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Ridder must have a strong playoff performance

Even if Ridder plays well down the stretch and the Falcons make the playoffs it isn't going to be enough to win the starting job. You have a myriad of exciting prospects in this year's draft and a perfect fit in Kirk Cousins hitting the market. Atlanta doesn't have to look hard to find an upgrade. Already we have seen Smith doesn't fully believe in Ridder benching him for Taylor Heinicke.

If Smith manages to keep his job and the Falcons make the playoffs Ridder needs a huge game to lock up the starting job moving forward. Putting together a statement game on the biggest stage is what it is going to take for this team to decide Ridder is their guy. The turnovers and missed throws have been far too consistent for a franchise that needs to win now.

This isn't to say that Ridder must win a playoff game, especially considering Dallas is Atlanta's current scheduled opponent. However, Ridder must put together a strong game and keep Atlanta close for there to be serious consideration moving forward with Desmond as the starter. With this in mind, it seems increasingly unlikely that Atlanta will give Ridder another season unless the quarterback suddenly becomes a different player than the one we have painfully watched this season.