3 Things Taylor Heinicke must do vs. Cardinals to remain Atlanta Falcons starter

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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Taylor Heinicke lost to the Josh Dobbs-led Vikings in his first Atlanta Falcons start, despite putting up a season-high in points. While Heinicke wasn't the reason the team lost he didn't put them in a great position to win either. Watching back Sunday's game, the turnover-worthy plays and missed passes jump off the screen.

However, so does the lack of multiple turnovers and an incapable offense. Taylor puts the ball in risky situations and because of that, this offense moved the ball at the most consistent level we have seen. The blame for this loss lands directly on the shoulders of Arthur Smith and the defense.

The play calling and the defense allowing Dobbs to look like the second coming of prime Cam Newton was what lost this team the game. The fact remains though that you started your backup in a must-win situation and he failed to win. Arthur Smith is giving Heinicke another shot despite this leaving the obvious question, what does Heinicke need to do to win the starting job moving forward? Aside from the obvious of beating Arizona, Taylor must do these three things and the job will be his moving forward.