3 Things Taylor Heinicke must do vs. Cardinals to remain Atlanta Falcons starter

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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1. The wild misses must be replaced by safe checkdowns

You aren't going to take the turnover-worthy plays out of Taylor's game. That is who Heinicke is as a quarterback and something Atlanta will have to deal with moving forward if he continues to start. The difference between Taylor's turnovers and Ridder's is simply that Taylor has proven he can balance them out by making big plays.

Outside of a stretch against Green Bay and the game against Houston we haven't seen that from Ridder. The turnovers are the most consistent part of his game and that is likely why the team is giving Taylor another chance. Taylor is going to make risky throws and at times they will pay off.

What can change in his game, however, are the wild misses we watched on Sunday. Heinicke made several wild throws when he had a check down or simply could have tossed it out of bounds. Those decisions and poor throws cost Atlanta on several key drives and cannot continue to happen. Heinicke is going to put the ball in harm's way, that must be accepted. What can't be are the wild throws that give no one a chance to make a play or ignore a check down that would at least give the team a chance.