3 Things Taylor Heinicke must do vs. Cardinals to remain Atlanta Falcons starter

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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3. Defy Arthur Smith and force feed your stars

The one obvious change that Heinicke brought to the Falcons offense was consistently force-feeding Kyle Pitts and Drake London the football. While London was lost last week there seems to be some optimism about his status moving forward.

Arthur Smith's offense doesn't make it easy to get the ball to your best players, however, Taylor must consistently find a way. Heinicke isn't afraid of the tight windows or tossing the ball up for Pitts or London to go up and make a play.

Taylor must take the risks that Desmond Ridder has been afraid to and give Atlanta's young pass catchers consistent chances. Taylor is a limited player and because of that, you need him to go a bit off-script at times to make plays.

Smith's offense is hurting this team and Heinicke has only looked better because he has gotten Pitts and London more involved and isn't afraid to make it up as he goes. This serves as further proof that it isn't Ridder or Heinicke or Atlanta's draft decisions that are the problems, it is Arthur Smith's offense. That is why Atlanta's offense has looked best with Heinicke and why it has a chance to continue with a gun-slinging quarterback that doesn't mind making it up as he goes.