3 Things that cutting Casey Hayward changes for the Atlanta Falcons

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1. The door is open for Christian Gonzalez to be drafted 8th overall

In truth, we have no idea what Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot will choose to do on draft night but the prevailing opinion is that either Nolan Smith or Bijan Robinson will be an Atlanta Falcon. While either of these moves makes sense and fits what Atlanta is building there is also an argument for the Falcons to take Gonzalez before cutting Hayward.

Now that the Falcons have cut the veteran corner this move would make even more sense for a team that lacks a proven second option. Jeff Okudah and Mike Hughes both are former top prospects who Atlanta bought low on and will be given a chance to earn a starting role alongside Terrell. Dee Alford should be expected to be in the mix as well considering the impressive rookie season the corner put together.

Despite having three options none of these players are proven or can be counted on to be a reliable second option alongside Terrell. Drafting Christian gives Atlanta a dynamic duo at corner and completely changes the outlook of the position. Cutting Hayward was about where the corner was in his rehab not Atlanta's draft approach, however, it could still influence the Falcons to consider taking a player who should still be on the board and is a much lower risk than drafting Smith or Robinson.