3 Things that cutting Casey Hayward changes for the Atlanta Falcons

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Jeff Okudah
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2. Jeff Okudah is the favorite for the second corner position

If Casey Hayward was able to get healthy the veteran's resume would make him the clear favorite for the second corner spot along with A.J. Terrell. Now that Hayward isn't on the roster Okudah should be considered the favorite if the Falcons don't add a corner in the first round.

It has only been three seasons since Okudah was the third overall pick in the 2020 draft and the reasons for that are clear. Jeff has only played in twenty-five games in three seasons and clearly needed a fresh start after being a part of the worst secondary in the league. It is a slight concern for Atlanta that they have two members of the secondary in Hughes and Okudah who were clearly a part of the issue on a team that couldn't stop the pass.

Still, Okudah's potential, physicality, and ability to stop the run are too enticing not to make the corner the clear second option if Atlanta doesn't draft at the position. Starting Terrell and Okudah with Dee Alford serving as the slot corner makes a lot of sense and allows solid depth with Mike Hughes as the fourth option.