3 Things that cutting Casey Hayward changes for the Atlanta Falcons

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Dee Alford, Jaylinn Hawkins, Darren Hall
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3. Atlanta now needs to add depth at corner

With the return of Casey Hayward, the Falcons had reason to feel that at least two of Okudah, Alford, Hayward, Hughes, or Darren Hall would prove to be starting options. Taking the most experienced corner out of this group makes sense based on the age and injury concerns, however, it also demands the Falcons add depth.

Whether that is adding a cheap veteran option or bringing in talent in the draft the Falcons need to add to a group that only has A.J. Terrell they can clearly rely on. Okudah and Hughes both have immense talent but both players have been busts thus far struggling to establish themselves as starters.

Dee Alford and Darren Hall both showed signs of being possible future contributors but all four have one thing in common, a lack of success and giving Atlanta reason to feel they have clear starting answers.

Whether it is coming back to Hayward on a cheap veteran deal, a draft pick, or another cheap veteran option the Falcons clearly need to add another option to the position with clear upgrades already in free agency at every other position group on defense.