3 Things that must happen if the Atlanta Falcons hire Bill Belichick

New England Patriots Press Conference
New England Patriots Press Conference / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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The Atlanta Falcons head coach interview requests not being announced until Bill Belichick and the Patriots parted ways has left many speculating Bill could land in Atlanta. The reasons that fans could be skeptical of this move are very obvious despite the legendary coach having accomplished what he has in this league.

Bill was given complete control of the Patriots since Tom Brady left and the results are telling. There has been only one playoff appearance, and it was a first-round exit. The drafting, free agent signings, and quarterback management have all been misses.

If the legendary coach is going to land in Atlanta and it work the changes that need to be made are obvious. Bill clearly is still a great coach and the evidence is in what he got out of a bad Patriots roster on the defensive side.

There are few that can coach or install the culture that Bill has in New England. As hard as it is to seperate it is important to realize that Bill is still a great coach the problem is the drafting and talent evaluation portion of his job. The coaching legend still deserves respect despite the misses in free agency and the draft. With this in mind, here is what must happen for Bill to work in Atlanta.