3 Things that must happen if the Atlanta Falcons hire Bill Belichick

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1. Bill has a voice but Terry Fontenot is in charge of bringing in players

If Terry Fontenot was the one pulling the strings in free agency and the draft this past season he deserves immense credit. Everything he did worked for a roster that was held back by injuries, coaching, and the quarterback position. Taylor Heinicke is really the only obvious miss you could point to considering the expectations for the veteran.

Terry has shown a great ability to manage the cap and get the most out of what space Atlanta has. While Bill should be able to determine the type of players in the building it should be up to the Falcons ownership and GM to actually sign and draft the roster.

Bill is one of the best defensive strategists the game has ever seen as well as the worst GM the league has had in quite a while. Both things are true and if Bill moves to Atlanta this must be realized and Terry Fontenot must be in control of the player selection.

If this isn't going to happen and Bill is given full control it is a move that is doomed to fail considering what has happened in New England since Brady left.