3 Things that must happen if the Atlanta Falcons hire Bill Belichick

New England Patriots Press Conference
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3. Players and fans must buy into Bill's process

While the first two points are completely within reason this one is a bit more up in the air. Bill's coaching style is a culture and old-school approach to the game that has left the league. You don't see coaches with Bill's attitude or approach coming into the league as often these days.

The culture in New England formed a dynasty and clearly worked. Though many will point to Tom Brady as the reason, let's be fair to both sides here. While Brady is the second act of his career often carried that team it was the opposite early in the quarterback's career. How many times did Bill's coaching or defense allow Brady chances he wouldn't have had elsewhere?

Bill can come in and install a winning culture if the first two things on this list happen. However, for it to work the fans and more importantly the players have to buy in. It is clear that this roster would be in for a rude awakening. Would they buy in?