3 Things that must happen if the Atlanta Falcons lose to Kyler Murray

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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2. Fire Arthur Smith

Everything about owner Arthur Blank's history with the Falcons preaches patience in the coaching staff. If the Falcons find a way to turn the season around and sneak into the playoffs, Arthur is going to be given year four. For Blank to fire Smith, things are going to have to be overwhelmingly bad, and losing to the one-win Cardinals after losing to the Dobbs led Vikings more than qualifies.

If Smith loses this game make the change in the bye week and turn your attention towards the off-season. Jerry Gray and Ryan Nielsen are both deserving of shots to take over the head role and could secure the job with a run. However, there are many options the Falcons could explore this off-season. Hires that would know to use their best players in key situations and give the quarterback position a better chance at success.

Smith fooled a lot of people (this writer included) with two seven-win seasons with zero cap space and bad rosters. This season, however, has shown us that Smith clearly doesn't know what to do with Atlanta's elite weapons and a continued refusal to make adjustments. If Arthur doesn't deliver this week it is time for Arthur Blank to go off-script and make the obvious decision.