3 Things that must happen if the Atlanta Falcons lose to Kyler Murray

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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3. Fire Dave Ragone

Ragone has accomplished more in his football and coaching career than many ever will and deserves credit for his career. With this said Atlanta should have already parted ways with an offensive coordinator that clearly isn't getting the job done. Blame Arthur Smith for hiring Ragone or the head coach for continuing to call the plays, but it is clear Dave isn't the solution.

Atlanta needs an outside hire or to promote someone else to play calling if the team loses on Sunday. Ragone was brought in by Arthur Smith despite being a part of a struggling offense that had been led by Jay Cutler, Mike Glennon, Brian Hoyer, and Mitch Trubisky.

That is the type of talent that Ragone was given to work with and the results were memorable for Bears fans for all the wrong reasons. Ragone doesn't have a history of calling plays successfully at this level and that is perfect for Arthur Smith who likely doesn't want that threat behind him.

If Atlanta loses on Sunday it is simply time to clean house bench Heinicke and fire Smith and Ragone. As frustrating as it might be there is an argument that losing Sunday could be what is best for this franchise moving forward.