3 Things that stand out about Kirk Cousins' Atlanta Falcons contract

What headlines should Falcons fans be taking away from Kirik Cousins' contract details

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1. Atlanta only is financially invested for only two seasons

When you look at the contract details for Kirk Cousins and the Atlanta Falcons the initial price tag can be a little shocking. When you consider that Kirk is going to get $100-million guaranteed that has some fans understandably upset. However, look a bit closer at the numbers and consider the moves that Atlanta can make even if things went awry in year two.

The Falcons are going to pay Kirk his guaranteed money in the first two years of this contract. While there would be a dead cap hit if Cousins is cut in year three it would be easy to stomach. This deal really boils down to two seasons with the option for a third and a fourth.

Atlanta can go out anytime in the next four seasons and still draft their quarterback of the future to sit behind Cousins. This is a win for both sides with Cousins getting the bag yet again and Atlanta keeping control long-term of how the deal plays out. Yes, Cousins is the quarterback in Atlanta for at least the start of the next two seasons but the Falcons have the ability to move on relatively quickly.