3 Things that stand out about Kirk Cousins' Atlanta Falcons contract

What headlines should Falcons fans be taking away from Kirik Cousins' contract details

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3. Arthur Blank is willing to pay what it takes to contend

Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris are running the day-to-day operations of this team but don't believe for a second that Arthur Blank wasn't all over this move. It was only two years ago that Blank's poor decision cost the team and ran Matt Ryan out of town when the owner appeared to chase after Deshaun Watson.

Now two years later the quarterback position remains the issue and the Atlanta owner opened his checkbook willing to pay what it takes to fix the problem. Kirk Cousins is a top-fifteen quarterback and that is what kept the 2023 Falcons out of the playoffs.

Just the capable version of Kirk would have the Falcons in the playoff hunt something Blank is willing to pay for still searching for his first title as an owner. If you get the version of Cousins we saw in 2022 and at the start of 2023 he is a top-ten quarterback and the Falcons are real playoff contenders.

Blank knows this and continues to prove despite the unfavorable results he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring a title to Atlanta.