3 Things the Atlanta Falcons learned about Desmond Ridder in London

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars
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3. Desmond Ridder isn't a franchise quarterback

We are eight games in and there is enough now on tape to see that the NFL game is simply far too fast for Desmond Ridder to adjust. Whether it is turnovers or failing to get rid of the football Desmond is struggling and clearly hurting this team right now. Mack Hollins is far from the only one who is frustrated with the Atlanta quarterback.

The defense is far too good and the skill positions are far too talented to continue to stick with Desmond Ridder. You have interesting free-agent options out on the market that could prove to be an upgrade and you have a capable backup in Taylor Heinicke.

Atlanta is sitting at 2-2 on the season and tied for second in the NFC South. This is Arthur Smith's third season and winning time for Atlanta. They cannot afford to simply sit back and allow a struggling quarterback to end the year. It is time to make a move at the position and give someone else a chance. It is hard to believe with Atlanta's weapons they could be any worse than what we are seeing from Desmond right now.