3 Things the Atlanta Falcons learned about Desmond Ridder in week 6

Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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3. Ridder's killer turnovers make their return

Whether it was the interception to put Washington up 14 or the pick on 3rd and goal the mistakes Desmond made were unacceptable decisions. Desmond has done a lot of good things over the last two weeks but it is hard to ignore the return of the killer turnovers that put Atlanta in a hole and stopped their first comeback attempt.

If you're Ridder throw the ball out of the back of the endzone and take the three points or live to fight another down. There was confusion with the receiver on the first pick but Ridder still made a poor read and decision that cost the team points.

Desmond has shown plenty of reasons to believe he can develop into a quality starting quarterback. However, the return of the interceptions and missed passes at times from Desmond makes evaluating the quarterback a bit murky when Atlanta has a sense of urgency.

Ridder has done some nice things and shown growth but how patient is Arthur Smith going to be? His frustration on the sideline wasn't hidden well and was a great example of how Atlanta Falcons fans feel about how their quarterback has played at times this season.