3 Things the Atlanta Falcons learned about Desmond Ridder in week five

Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons
Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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1. Desmond Ridder showed a surprising ability to manipulate the defense

While it may not have resulted in the scores the Atlanta Falcons so badly needed in the first half of this game Ridder consistently picked up free yards for the offense. Desmond Ridder four times in the first half got the defense to jump on the hard count and picked up free yardage something this offense so badly needed.

Atlanta and Ridder wisely used what defenses have been doing so well against them. The opposing defense is packing the box and jumping at the snap crashing the line towards the ball carrier. There is a level of excitement and urgency right now when you're playing this Atlanta offense and taking on a struggling offensive line.

Ridder showed an impressive ability to manipulate the defensive front and use this against them. It is rare to see it continuously work as it did on Sunday and speaks to Ridder's ability with his cadence as well as the urgency defenses facing Atlanta have to get off the line.

Desmond Ridder has few elite traits and to see him so easily manipulate the defense was a welcome sight for a team badly in need of the free yardage.