3 Things the Atlanta Falcons should have done ahead of drafting Michael Penix Jr.

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1. Let Kirk Cousins know what the team's plans were

Forget whether or not Kirk Cousins deserved a heads-up from the Atlanta Falcons and take a look at it from an outside perspective. The team is a business and you just brought in a new leader to help set the tone for the 2024 season.

You followed this up by taking his replacement and never warning him. No, the salary didn't change and neither did the expectations. However, this speaks to poor management and planning. If the team knew they were going to take a quarterback in the first round give the player a heads up you just hired before you're on the clock.

Cousins would feel included and a part of the process instead of caught off guard. After being given a four-year deal it makes it seem as if the team never had any intention of letting the contract they just gave you play out. This isn't an argument of what Kirk Cousins did or didn't deserve but what is best for the team. Giving your franchise leader a heads-up before drafting Penix Jr. is the baseline of competence. For a team that has had a great offseason, this is a strong misstep.