3 Things the Atlanta Falcons should have done ahead of drafting Michael Penix Jr.

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2. Add to the edge position ahead of the draft

Going into the draft your starting edge rushers were Lorenzo Carter and Arnold Ebiketie. If the team didn't plan to add to the position in the first round why wasn't it addressed in free agency or via trade? Atlanta's biggest need after signing Kirk Cousins was finding a capable pass rush.

If drafting your future franchise leader was always the plan why did you not address the position that appeared to be the biggest need? If the answer to that question is that you weren't sure of drafting Penix Jr. that brings up a whole new barrage of questions.

The other answer would be the chance never presented itself. However, this is hard to accept as well with players still sitting in free agency searching for work with a better history of rushing the passer than Ebiketie or Carter.

Atlanta's lack of ability to add to the position and still spend the 8th overall pick on a bench player is part of what is making the move so heavily criticized. If the Falcons simply added to the edge position in free agency and told Cousins what would happen how different would the reaction be?