3 Things the Atlanta Falcons should have done ahead of drafting Michael Penix Jr.

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3. If you believed fully in Penix Jr. spend the cap space on the roster not Kirk Cousins

This is where it gets even more confusing from Atlanta's perspective if they believe in Penix Jr. enough to draft him 8th overall with clear roster needs why won't he start for two years? If the quarterback needs two years to sit behind Cousins he probably isn't worth the top-ten pick you just spent on him.

If that isn't the case why are you wasting money and time on two players at the same position? Give either Penix or Cousins your full faith to carry this team to the playoffs. Spending so much money on Cousins only to spend the 8th overall pick on a quarterback speaks to a roster that believes they are playoff-ready and have that luxury.

Both moves leave questions for your franchise leader and sets them both up for difficult situations. If Kirk struggles the fanbase will begin calling for Penix Jr. while if the young quarterback finds his way into the lineup the reaction will be extreme on either side. Atlanta has mismanaged what started out as a strong offseason.