3 Top remaining Atlanta Falcons free agents and landing spots

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3. MyCole Pruitt Landing spot: Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons having Franks on the roster and allowing a player who showed nice chemistry with Desmond Ridder in Pruitt to land elsewhere would be a mistake. Despite bringing back Hesse and trading for Jonnu Smith there is still a roster spot for Pruitt. Sign the tight end to a cheap prove-it deal and allow the obvious to happen with Pruitt beating FitzPatrick and Franks for the final spot at the position on the roster.

It is an important spot to have plenty of depth for Atlanta with Smith's preference to have multiple tight ends on the field and Kyle Pitts being closer to a receiver than a typical tight end.

The veteran had only 150 receiving yards but showed clear chemistry with Ridder and should be given a chance to further that by bringing back another player the young QB is familiar with. While Smith and Pitts are clearly the better players Pruitt could prove to be a solid third option and gives the Atlanta offense more size and depth allowing the team to move on from Franks who clearly cannot play the position and have a positive impact. Bringing Pruitt back should be one of the final moves for Atlanta in free agency this off-season.