3 Toughest games on the Atlanta Falcons 2023 schedule

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The Atlanta Falcons have one of the weakest schedules in the league in a division that is clearly the worst in the NFC. Tampa Bay has decided to rebuild after Tom Brady retired a season after barely beating the Sam Darnold-led Panthers to squeak into the playoffs.

Now the team has lost a lot of roster talent and is hosting a Baker Mayfield vs. Kyle Trask quarterback competition. While the offense could put up decent numbers with their talent at receiver this team is going to be competing for the basement of the division.

New Orleans should be the team competing for last place with a slight upgrade over Andy Dalton being the only great off-season move. This is a team that is refusing a rebuild they will be forced to make sooner than later.

Carolina could be an interesting team but with a new head coach and so little known about the offense it is safe not to view the team as a threat just yet. This leaves all of Atlanta's division opponents off the list of most difficult games leaving three teams that Atlanta has the roster to compete with but will be their biggest challenges in the 2023 season.