3 Toughest games on the Atlanta Falcons 2023 schedule

Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout
Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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1. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Atlanta Falcons Week 4

This is clearly Atlanta's most difficult game if both sides are healthy and playing to their potential. The Jaguars are a team that has proven itself to be resilient and one of the most exciting young teams in the league. This is a roster that played the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs within a score and gave them a great game.

A year better and with added talent this team is clearly a threat in a stacked AFC and will be an early test for the Falcons. After facing the Panthers, Packers, and Lions the first three weeks of the season with two home games the Falcons will travel to London to take on the Jaguars.

Part of this helps Atlanta as they will miss the Florida heat in the early part of the season. This will be the biggest early test the new Atlanta defense will face with Trevor Lawrence clearly taking a step forward last season and getting an elite weapon added to the offense in Calvin Ridley.

This could also be viewed as the first game that Desmond Ridder could be forced to put the ball in the air often and prove he can win a game for the Falcons. This is clearly the most interesting matchup on Atlanta's schedule and an early indication of where this team is.