3 Toughest quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons will face in 2023

The Atlanta Falcons schedule offers little in the way of star power at the quarterback position
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2. Aaron Rodgers

As funny as it seems now it wasn't that long there was a debate about whether or not Rodgers was a better quarterback than Tom Brady. Discussions that now clearly look silly with no current threat to Tom's legacy. Aaron is an all-time great on his own but not close to the level that Brady or even Patrick Mahomes has reached. Despite winning back-to-back MVPs Rodgers clearly fell off a cliff last season and ended the year throwing a pick that knocked the Packers out of the playoffs.

The question here is what you believe Rodgers is at this point in his career. Outside of Tom Brady quarterbacks don't see a jump in production at Aaron's age. However, with the talent around him and investment in this team could Rodgers follow the same script Brady did?

While the questions and concerns are obvious Aaron has been far too historically great to not have him at least as the second toughest quarterback matchup.

Rodgers is facing a tough schedule in a stacked AFC if he was able to follow the Brady script and win it all the impact on his legacy couldn't be understated considering the degree of difficulty.