3 Underrated moves Atlanta Falcons made in 2023 off-season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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2. Trading for Jonnu Smith

The lack of production from Smith is easy to blame on the Patriots' offense that has struggled since Tom Brady walked out the door. Terry Fontenot going out and adding a starting tight-end for little compensation is one of the underrated moves not only in Atlanta's off-season but in the league as a whole.

Adding Smith isn't just about the reliable production the veteran will bring but about what it does for Kyle Pitts. Atlanta can now use Smith as the typical tight-end and put Kyle out as a receiver far more often. Kyle's production should take a huge leap based on both this and the change that Atlanta made at quarterback.

Smith caught 8 touchdowns the last time the veteran was in Arthur Smith's offense and played a consistent role in the passing attack. Despite being two years older Smith still has the ability to put up these types of numbers and become the forgotten weapon with defenses focusing on slowing Drake London and Kyle Piitts in the passing attack.

Fontenot both gave Desmond Ridder a great secondary weapon as well as giving Pitts the chance to return to the production we saw in his rookie season.