3 Underrated moves the Atlanta Falcons have made this offseason

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1. Retaining Atlanta Falcons coach Jerry Gray

Jerry Gray deserves a healthy amount of respect for his resume and what he has accomplished in his career. Gray is more than qualified to be a head coach or a coordinator on a top-contending team. His resume speaks for itself and the decision from Raheem Morris to retain him speaks to that.

It will be especially helpful to have Gray's experience working in the secondary. A.J. Terrell is Atlanta's only experienced starter currently on the roster. While they have Dee Alford and Clark Phillips both as starting options neither player is proven.

Atlanta will likely add to the position in both free agency and the draft. With other positions being higher on the priority list, however, expect the additions to be players competing for spots and not established starters. Gray is going to be an assistant head coach and should help Atlanta's younger coaches as well who have less experience.

Raheem Morris did an impressive job building out his staff by retaining coaches who were doing their job well while still putting his own stamp on this team. A strong season from Atlanta should have Gray's name circulating as a potential head coach.