3 Underrated moves the Atlanta Falcons have made this offseason

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2. Adding speed to the receiver position

While the Atlanta Falcons have gotten a lot of attention for the weapons they have one thing seems to be going overlooked. The Falcons under Arthur Smith were far from an explosive offense. While Desmond Ridder and Marcus Mariota were big reasons because of that another factor was the lack of speed on the team.

All three receivers that the Falcons added this offseason have the ability to get behind the defense. Darnell Mooney stands out and due to his role and talent will have the biggest impact. Rondale Moore is an interesting piece as well and should be counted on to make a handful of explosive plays.

The biggest problem for the Atlanta offense over the last three seasons has been the lack of ability for their receivers to separate and even if they do for the quarterback to deliver. Atlanta's current receiver depth chart isn't going to have that problem.

Kirk Cousins is at his best when he is playing within the offense and in rhythm. Atlanta added three players that are going to help with that. They all three have the ability to quickly find open space and put pressure on the defense.