3 Underrated moves the Atlanta Falcons have made this offseason

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3. Signing Raheem Morris

A large part of the fan attention seems to have been on the quarterback position this offseason. That is understandable when you look at how the last three seasons have gone. However, the national discussion only has included the Falcons when it is in their failure to land Bill Belichick or the signing of Kirk Cousins.

There was very little coverage of Raheem Morris it seemed in comparison to the potential of Bill Belichick. In itself, this is understandable when you consider Bill's resume. Despite this, Atlanta adding an experienced head coach who has spent time in the city and coached both sides of the ball is going underrated.

Look at how quickly this team has improved around Morris and the splashy decisions they have made. Atlanta has a coach who doesn't bring the cringy slogans of Dan Quinn or the archaic offense of Arthur Smith.

Raheem Morris is a leader who is doing everything in his power not to ruin his second chance at a head coaching job. Give Morris his due, the head coach was put in a losing situation in Tampa and worked hard to earn this second chance.

Much like Jerry Gray, his accomplishments speak for themselves. Atlanta fans are going to be surprised just how much they love Coach Morris and the needed change of pace.