3 Underrated moves the Atlanta Falcons made in free agency

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Kaden Elliss, Gardner Minshew
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1. Kaden Elliss

The Atlanta Falcons added two former New Orleans Saints defenders to Ryan Nielsen's defense with David Onyemata understandably drawing much of the attention. The defensive lineman is the most help the team has given Grady Jarrett and gives Atlanta a great rotation that should improve both the pass rush and run defense.

Missed in signing Onyemata and the bigger moves of the off-season is the potential impact of former Saint Kaden Elliss. Kaden is a linebacker who is viewed as a secondary option or a depth move until you explore the fit a bit closer and consider Kaden's ability as a pass rusher.

After only sacking the quarterback once in his first three seasons Elliss finished the 2022 season with 7.0 sacks and gave indication he could thrive as a pass rusher if given a larger role. Atlanta is likely going to use Kaden as an edge rusher using Elliss in creative blitz packages or simply letting him line up at the edge.

It is a move that has the potential to have a huge impact if Elliss can win consistently as a pass rusher as he did when given the chance last season. Signing Elliss isn't a move that is going to make headlines but it clearly makes Atlanta better and gives them a chance to find a surprise pass rusher.