3 Veteran quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could land with Belichick

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2. Kirk Cousins

Something about Kirk Cousins and Bill Belichick just seems like a marriage doomed to fail. However, we must include who is unquestionably the best quarterback set to hit free agency at the start of the new league year. Cousins is the best quarterback on the market and would give the Falcons a level of play they haven't seen for four years.

While it is a fit in many ways there is the obvious issue of what it would cost to land Cousins at this stage of his career. Cousins seems far more likely to stay with the Vikings. You have the problem of Bill as well who is known for tearing into his quarterbacks.

Even Brady wasn't above the heat and we have watched what has happened to Jones and Zappe. Kirk needs a strong offensive coach who believes in his ability. It seems Bill and Kirk wouldn't be a great mix despite the fact he is the best veteran quarterback on the market. The only way this works is if Bill brings in a strong OC that can work well with the style that fits Kirk.