3 Veteran quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could land with Belichick

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3. Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz seems like a quarterback that should have already played under Belichick. A player who doesn't appear to be a loud leader and always finds a way to turn the ball over at the worst times. Wentz fits the criteria both for a Falcons quarterback and for a starting quarterback under Bill. Don't be at all surprised if the Falcons hire Bill if the team drafts defense and signs veteran pieces on offense.

They are going to look to win right away and the quickest path to that is a strong defense and run game. It is hard to find and develop a franchise quarterback and we have seen Bill has been unable to do so after Brady.

The coaching staff could want a veteran they can bring in and have full control over. If you bring in a player like Wentz, Tannehill, or any aging veteran there is a level of control you don't have with a franchise guy. For example, if you are coaching Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, or C.J. Stroud they are so obviously not the problem if you don't build the offense to their skills it is you that will be out the door. While with a veteran quarterback with low expectations, Bill can install the offense he wants along with a culture that hasn't won since Brady left. No doubt things at quarterback will improve but if Bill is in control there could be very little improvement.