3 Ways Atlanta Falcons legend Matt Ryan can extend his career

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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It is clear that former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is nearing the end of his career and appears to be out of starting options. After spending one season in Arthur Smith's offense Ryan requested a trade after Atlanta's poor decision of chasing Deshaun Watson.

Ryan landed with the Colts and was expected to help the team make an elusive playoff push a season after finishing just short with Carson Wentz under center. Things went sideways from the start for Ryan and the Colts and aside from one impressive win over the Chiefs, Ryan's season was a complete mess.

The biggest issue for Matt were turnover issues that plagued the veteran fumbling and throwing to the wrong team far too often. Ryan's career could well be at its end as a starter in this league. Despite what he has accomplished there is no way around the ugly tape the veteran has put together for two straight seasons.

Ryan's path moving forward is murky with the majority of teams either already having their starter locked in or clearly targeting a quarterback in the draft. Despite this, there are three clear options for Ryan if the veteran chooses to stick around for another season.