3 Ways Atlanta Falcons legend Matt Ryan can extend his career

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1. Land with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City

If there is one team that can appreciate what Ryan is still capable of at his best it is the Kansas City Chiefs. Beating the defending Super Bowl champs is an accomplishment and one of the few Ryan has over the past two seasons.

Since parting ways with Alex Smith and starting Mahomes, Reid has opted to have a veteran behind the quarterback. The Chiefs are yet to sign a backup behind Mahomes and even if they were to draft a player likely wants a veteran who is able to step in case of injury.

If there is one clear path to getting your career back on track over the last four seasons it is joining forces with Reid and Mahomes. Ryan isn't close to the athlete Mahomes is, however, he would be a clear asset in the game helping break down the opposing defense.

Bringing Matt Ryan to Kansas City takes away all the expectations for a city that is completely focused on its star players while still offering a chance at adding a ring in the final years of Matt's career. Even as a backup a ring should be the missing piece that assures Matt's path to the Hall.