3 Ways Atlanta Falcons legend Matt Ryan can extend his career

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2. Is Arizona tanking?

The Arizona Cardinals are in such an odd position with a rookie head coach and a franchise quarterback who is likely to miss much of the 2023 season. What is the goal this year for the Cardinals? As a rookie head coach it is hard to believe this front office wouldn't provide a bit of veteran leadership around him and what better leader than Matt Ryan?

If Ryan wants to continue to start in this league there isn't a team other than the Cardinals the veteran would have a chance at landing a clear job. This is where the question of whether or not the Cardinals will attempt to win games comes in.

If the team is fine with this being a wasted season let David Blough start and lock up the number one pick letting Murray take the entire season to get healthy. It promises a rough year but with the failed tenure of the previous head coach and questions surrounding Murray a number-one pick has to be enticing.

However, if the team wants to go through to motions of attempting to win and sell their fanbase at the start of the season bringing in Matt Ryan makes sense and gives the veteran a chance to continue to build up already impressive numbers.