3 Ways Atlanta Falcons legend Matt Ryan can extend his career

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3. Sit behind Joe Burrow

The only clear attractive backup job left in the league aside from in Kansas City is behind Joe Burrow with an all-star lineup of receivers. After his first season was ended by injury Burrow has been durable leading the Bengals to a Super Bowl and back-to-back AFC title appearances.

If there is a team aside from the Chiefs that both clearly need a backup and gives Matt Ryan a chance at earning an elusive ring it is the Bengals. If forced into action Ryan would have reason to feel confident facing low expectations in place of Burrow with a great depth chart of receivers.

As difficult as it might be to accept that is clearly all that is out there for Matt Ryan at this stage of his career. Despite being an accomplished player and a former MVP taking far too much punishment behind bad offensive lines clearly have taken a toll and limited what teams around the league believe Ryan is now capable of.

Whether it is the turnovers or fading away from sacks Ryan has contributed to this outlook and clearly is going to either have to rebuild his value as a backup or look to go to a team who has no other options.