3 Ways Atlanta Falcons need Ridder to improve in week 7 showdown

Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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3. Commit to running the football

Desmond Ridder's best games have coincided with the quarterback being put on the move and settling into the game making a play with his legs. Arthur Smith obviously took notice of this and tried to put Desmond on the move more often against Washington.

The results were inconsistent with Ridder going out on a naked bootleg more than once with simply no play in front of him. The offense needs to do a better job of setting Ridder up to take off a few times early on in this game to help the quarterback settle in.

Call some of the designed runs you did for Mariota last season and allow Ridder to get hit early and settle in. It seemed to help the quarterback in both of his best games of the season and opened up another avenue for the offense that needs all the production they can get.

Desmond isn't an elite runner but is fast enough to warrant putting in a few plays against a Tampa team that is going to be focused on Atlanta's backs. Get Ridder out in space early and let the quarterback settle into the game.